Assignment one graphic design 66

  1. What resources will we use in this class?

We will be using Youtube, word press, Google, and other search engines and resources that help us self learn

  1. What additional things will you need to know to be a great web designer? Which things are the most important to you and why?

We will need to know how to make a functional website, how to make a website that allows people to share and access content, how to create a grid that allows for easy and clear navigation of a website.

I think the most important aspects to web design are navigation and clarity. The easier it is to navigate a website the more it becomes functional and people will use it more.

  1. What are your career goals? What’s your plan to achieve your goals?

My career goals Are to be a D.P (director of photography) in the entertainment industry. I primarily want to work on feature films that change the world and the entertainment industry. My plan is already in affect by going to school and working as the head of production for a video game company. I have worked on other projects as well so I am being proactive in making my dream come true.

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