Assignment 03 Due Tuesday, March 10

  1. Objectives and Goals of the new design: Some of the goals for the new design will be to emphasize that Shunji is an experience. You wouldn’t think that it is one of Santa Monica’s best restaurants nor that the menu is fixed from the website.
  2. Target Audience: target audience will be people from the ages 28 to 45. It is targeted to people who are more willing to try new and exciting food. Also to people who are able to spend 180 per person. So it is geared to special occasions.
  3. Scope of the Project: redesign the frame font and logo. Create more pages that are functional and add social media experience.
  4. Overall Style/Look: I want it to have an elegant style but one that tells you to be open to have the full experience. I want to have layered colors for the background that are both dark and light but leaning more to the dark end of colors. I will make it a picture based site so that people get a taste of the experience they will have.

Assignment 02 Due Tuesday, March 3

  1. Existing website: Shunji Japanese cuisine website Is really simple and basic. There is no real bright factor to the website and it is pretty bland and flat. The food that is served there seems like it needs more of a background that will make the food pop. The photos are something left to be desired and seem to add into the lack luster flare of the sight. What it does do right is the simple navigation. Each tab leads you exactly to what the page says it is. Other than that the site itself is just really plain and boring.
  2. Interview the client: I think that the Target Audience is definitely going to be adult oriented. It isn’t a kid restaurant. So we are looking at ages between 18 and up I think It would be a good place for couples and a good hang out spot for college students. Maybe think about hitting up UCLA and Santa Monica college for promotional things. I believe some good goals should be to redesign the color scheme maybe come up with a more thought out frame for the site and something that pops with a more modern and fun feel. It needs to cater to young crowd but one that would be appropriate to older people as well. I want to make it so that the site is more inviting.
  3. Competitive analysis: : What I found with all the restraunts was that they were picture based and featured their food first. Shunji does the same thing except in a much less impactful way. Kabuki seemed to have the most effective and I think it was due to their red black and white color scheme. It made the pictures pop. What I am finding though in theses sites is that they are bit cluttered. So it was helpful to see that I need to make sure each page has space and is organized. Each site posted about events happening with the restaurants, which keeps the community, informed from everything to specials to sake tastings. So we need a part where people can find out news not only through social media but directly on the website.

Assignment one graphic design 66

  1. What resources will we use in this class?

We will be using Youtube, word press, Google, and other search engines and resources that help us self learn

  1. What additional things will you need to know to be a great web designer? Which things are the most important to you and why?

We will need to know how to make a functional website, how to make a website that allows people to share and access content, how to create a grid that allows for easy and clear navigation of a website.

I think the most important aspects to web design are navigation and clarity. The easier it is to navigate a website the more it becomes functional and people will use it more.

  1. What are your career goals? What’s your plan to achieve your goals?

My career goals Are to be a D.P (director of photography) in the entertainment industry. I primarily want to work on feature films that change the world and the entertainment industry. My plan is already in affect by going to school and working as the head of production for a video game company. I have worked on other projects as well so I am being proactive in making my dream come true.